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The Perils of Thanfiction






This guy is getting into Welcome to Night Vale and it’s best to stay the fuck away. He’s a bad guy. What kind of bad guy?

The kind that has been lying since for-fucking-ever and has a pattern he follows in every fandom he can get in. The kind that blames all of the abusive, terrible things he’s done on mental illnesses though his diagnoses never remain the same. The kind that has done really terrible things to people (one survivor of his abuse/cult shit describes his shaming of her body and jesus, massive trigger warning for awful body shaming). 

Andy is also transphobic: he states he was assigned female at birth, but identifies as a cis straight man since he’s totally not trans, as us trans men are somehow not as man of a man as he is.

Not that it matters to him that he doesn’t ID as anything related to the LGBT community, because he’ll be happy to appropriate our pain and suffering for his cause shamelessly.

There’s much more crap you can find out. This guy is thirty now and is still targeting younger people (you may have seen him posting his number in places telling you to call him if you feel unhappy, which is probably one of the more dangerous things you can do).

You can read more about him here:

"And I’m prouder of that than if I’d simply been ‘good’ from the beginning": Why I Think Andy Blake is (still) Dangerous

ATF links This one is super useful as it has a whole bunch of links to the warning blogs.

Primer on Andy Blake

The warning that went out to the Teen Wolf fandom that he also tried to weasel in on.

You can also find more info on him in the andythanfiction and thanfiction tags on tumblr. Don’t try “Andy Bake” or “Andrew Blake”, however, as that’s the name of a famous porn director. Fun fact, he picked that name to make it harder to trace him, so that’s not sketch at all.

So stay safe. He’s a bad guy with a terrible record. Don’t let his shitty art copy pasting/painting over fool you.

trigger warning: sexual assualt tw: sexual assault tw: abuse trigger warning: abuse tw: cult trigger warning: cult tw: fat shamming trigger warning: fat shaming

I probably have more Night Vale fans following me than SPN, so if you haven’t heard of this guy, please watch out.

(oh no not this character again. wasn’t there another kerfuffle about him like really recently, as in the last six months or less? that kind of recent?)

Late last year he was proposing to run a giant Supernatural themed LARP, soliciting money to participate, and that caused a massive flurry of PSAs reminding people that he has a rep for A, failed conventions that lose people their money, and B, using roleplaying to screw with people’s heads and draw them into his cult of personality. That might be what you’re thinking of.

Or maybe you’re thinking of the alarm that went up when he started making overtures to Teen Wolf fans. Orrrr it could’ve been the publication of one of his old “apology” form letters that he’s apparently sent out to everyone who questions him for years now, in which he claims to have a mental illness diagnosis that you will find nowhere else on earth, and which is different from the mental illness diagnosis that he currently says that he has. Or you might have heard that he claimed he’d been underage when he started his romantic and sexual relationship with his most outspoken former victim, with said survivor, Kumquatwriter, decisively refuting that with a bunch of documentation. Or maybe you saw that he recently said he’d answer asks about all his past activities, with predictably self-serving replies to a number of anons who sounded a lot like him. Or maybe you saw the interview he agreed to do recently, also full of spin about how none of his past bad acts are his fault because he was delusional up until two years ago. Or you might have seen posts about his participation last year in GISHWHES, a massive scavenger hunt, during which he blew up and berated his teammates, and later claimed that he had a meltdown because he stopped taking his medication that week— it came up because he plans to participate again this year, even though if he does have the mental illness diagnosis he’s claiming to have, the possibility that he might go off his meds again is dangerous for him and for those around him…

Do click on those links provided above to find much much more. Thanfiction Links especially is comprehensive and up to date. The things I listed are just a fraction of the fuckery from the past year or so.

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tbh all the white ppl i know who truly understand racism to the best of their ability, have never asked me “do you hate white people???”

cause they actually listened to me and figured out that i hate white supremacy, not individual white people for simply being white

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crowdfund my homemade rocket to achieve my lifelong dream of sucking dick on the moon

apparently its real hard to get it up in zero-g

go on…

Being able to induce controlled erection in dogs and monkeys, we investigated the hemodynamics and mechanism of penile erection. ‘Chronic’ monkey models, having had electrodes implanted around the cavernous nerves for electroerection, were studied to evaluate the details of the hemodynamic changes. The studies included: 1) arterial blood flow, 2) corporeal pressure, 3) blood gases, 4) venous flow and 5) radiography. Tumescence of the corpora cavernosa was found to be a result of: 1) active relaxation of the sinusoidal spaces, 2) active arteriolar dilatation and 3) active venous outflow constriction. At full erection there is adequate but reduced blood flow into and out of the corpora cavernosa for metabolic exchange.

less gravity -> no hemostatic pressure differential between heart and genitals -> lower dP across all tissues, lower MAP

these factors conspire to increase sympathetic tone and arteriolar constriction, and (I’m pretty sure) will also facilitate venous dilatation. How big a deal this is will probably vary from person to person. What is likely to be a much bigger deal, frankly, is conservation of momentum. It’s safe to assume that giving head without floating across the room into an important console is a non-trivial undertaking. Space sex will probably have to be kind of kinky at minimum. As it should be.

so you’re saying we zapped boners into monkeys in space for the sake of science

god bless for bringing us all up to speed on this

i learned something today

God bless science.

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This is volume 95.

There are 94 before this.

It’s a monthly collection of cat comics. I want them every month. *heavy breathing*


Did you know only 5% of LGBT adults ages 18-24 are “out” in the workplace? A new report from Generation Progress and the Center for American Progress finds LGBT youth are facing “undue burdens” as they enter the workforce. Read the report here.

I believe it. There are so many people out of work in this age group why would we ever risk coming out? We can just be replaced.

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rabbivole replied to your post “drakonlily replied to your post:i DID NOT SIGN UP TO WORK WITH MIDDLE…”

common core was ‘language arts and social studies’ when i was in middle school

There’s common core math now and some of it is really, really weird.

Like in a “I’m really big on figuring out better ways to teach math and I’m open to new ideas, but this shit is bananas” kind of way. Part of my issue is that they give them math problems they don’t yet have the tools to do and have them learn how to do it by, uh, guessing and checking. 

Which I get is supposed to help develop an awareness for numbers and using them, but I have the feeling is going to lead to more convos like the one I had today, which was basically “why learn the math if I can just guess and it will work?”

They also teach a weirdly high amount of stats now, which I get, too, but it kinda screws kids over when they move around from middle school to high school (if their school didn’t do the stats, ahahah, good luck, better learn that real quick, welcome to algebra 1).